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Hamburg/Germany, 18.10.2004


HypArt is back from its one year hibernation! The 51st project is a special project, reserved for the class "The Web as an Art Form" at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in Boston Massachusetts.

Klaus Rosenfeld

Quickstart for the impatient :
The thought is to create a single picture together with other people from all around the world. If you want to take part, just select (e.g. press with your mouse onto it) an image below with 'Free to Rent!' written on.
Your picture must fit to the adjacent pieces since it is the idea to produce a single image and not a mosaic with totally independent images

You are also encouraged to put 'unfinished' elements in you piece. This means that you may not just use your part to draw one single image. Let elements of your art extend to the borders, ending openly, so that others can carry on the with your ideas. Take a look at the 10th project in the Gallery and you will know what I mean. (See also "How your contribution should look like")

Let me (Klaus Rosenfeld, klaus_INSERT_AN_AT-SIGN_work.de) know what you think about the project.

Current (51st) Project :

Artitsts: april eve (1,1), carmin karasic (2,1), Lily Hyde (3,1), brooke cavanagh (1,2), Rob Coshow (2,2), Rolf van Gelder (3,2), Sharlene M. Ickes (1,3), Logan Knight (2,3), Sean Bascom (3,3) .


The Idea

The idea to this project came to my mind as I thought about the possibilites originate with a hypermedia system like the World Wide Web. 'HypArt' stands for Hyper-Art and is a artistical equivalent to 'Hyper-Text'.
The thought is that a single picture is created by several people. Therefore the image is being divided into squares and each artist contributes one of them.(see 'How to contribute')
Since it is the aim to get a single picture as a result, the parts should match their neighbours. So it is only possible to add a piece when there is already a completed part to put a new one next to it. Of course it is also imposssible to add a new part, if one or more of its neigbours are currently under construction.
There is a page with more information about the Project's Background.

How to contribute ?

If you want to take part in the HypArt project and draw one piece of the picture, you have to select (e.g. press with your mouse onto it) an image with 'Free to Rent!' written on. This will get you to a fill-out form where you must enter your name and email address in.
After the part has been successfully reserved, you will get three days to draw your picture. After its completion you have to send it to me (klaus@work.de). There are further details about how send files within an email.

Who can contribute ?

Everybody! I strongly believe that everybody is capable of producing art, so there's no limition in participants.

Because there is only a limited number of squares available within each project I'd ask you to contribute only one picture to give as many people as possible a chance to participate.

How does the picture should look like?

There's no restriction to the theme. You can move the image in every direction you feel like. But your contribution to the picture should fulfill some requirements:

What Browser do I need ?

It would be fine if your browser supports inline images so that you actually are able to see the picture above. But it's not necessary for contributions, since you will be given the chance to download the pieces of the picture which you will need for your part. But your browser must support fill-out forms to enter name ,email etc. when you want to reserve a piece for you.
If the picture above is out of order (i.e. parts don't form a perfect square together) your browser does not display <PRE> <IMG SRC=...</PRE> correctly. I've watched this behaviour at the Mosaic for Windows. If your screensize allows you can enlarge the Mosaic-Window to maximum to prevent the effect.

There's more art out there...

Links to other collaboration art-projects in the net, other art-related Servers in the WWW and to Lists to art-related information.

HypArt in the 'Press':

The HypArt project was mentioned in the "Arte" magazine - a japanese colleges & schools magazine. Here is an image of the scanned magazine.

Thanks again to Yuko, who sent the magazine to me and to Andrea for the translation!

"creative and rather delirious!"
I'm flattered! I found this comment about HypArt at the site "Hachette.net". Here is the whole whole critique (in Frensh).

HypArt was included in the special edition "Die besten 100 Internet-Adresse" of Tempo the magazine.

'HypArt' is being mentioned in the 9/95 issue of the iX-Magazine (Multitasking / Multiuser Magazine)

The HypArt project is in the web-links-section 'Kunst' of the 03/96 issue.

Trincoll Journal.
There's a feature article about this project in the 9.15.94-issue. of the Trincoll Journal, the first e-zine in the Web.

Copyright Cafe
HypArt has been chosen as the site of the day for November 12,1995

Athena - W3 Researchers and Education
HypArt was selected for the site of the month June 1996.

(c) 1994-2004 Klaus Rosenfeld

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