The HypArt - Project

A synergetic art project for the Internet

What is 'HyArt'?

just me 'HypArt' stands for Hyper-Art and is the artistical equivalent to 'HyperText'. The idea is to create a single picture together with people from all around the world. HypArt features differently themed blank digital canvases, each divided into a series of squares. Artists the world over add their own artistic contribution to one of the subdivided areas.
Anyone is welcome to contribute to the growing number of collaborative digital paintings.
The Internet with the Multimedia-System "World Wide Web" seemed to me as an ideal platform for such a work. It offers the possibility to make contributions very easy and this point is crucial to make the project succeed. If someone wants to take part he or she just clicks with the mouse on a vacant piece. That's all!

Why I did 'HypArt'?

The idea to this project came to my mind as I thought about the possibilites originate with a hypermedia system like the World Wide Web. I was fascinated by the thought that people from all around the world and who have never met before come together to create a single image. Everyone is contributing his or her own new ideas, their creativity and souls. Their colors are bits and bytes, their canvas is the World Wide Web and their atelier is the cyberspace.

Who is 'HypArt' for?

I strongly believe that everybody is capable of producing art, so there's no limition in participants.

What was achieved so far?

My intention was to create art in a virtual space, which allows new ways for the development. To realize something similar in the 'real' world it would need a lot of planning and efforts and after all would lack the important point of spontanity and esasyness. The first picture was was initiated in June 1994 and finished within two months at the beginnig of August 1994. Contributors so far have come from the following countries: Canada, France, Germany, North America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Argentina, Sweden, Mexico and many more. Their professions varied from students, software engineers to professional artists, designers - just naming a few.

In these days the homepage of 'HypArt' is beeing accessed approximately 1500 times by people from all around the world within a duration of a month. Links to 'HypArt' have been included in a couple of hundreds lists of art-related material and projects in the Internet.

HypArt was mentioned in (paper-)magazines, which inlcude "Tempo", "iX", "Pl@net" and "Com T-Online"

Klaus Rosenfeld

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