How to send an image

After you completed your part of the project you have to send your image to me ( within an email.

To send a binary-file (e.g. an image), the data has to be converted into a "7-bit"-format. This can be accomplished with the the "Attachment"-function of your email-program.

On a Macintosh- or PC-System email-programs like "Pegasus Mail", "Eudora" or "Netscape Mail" support attachments. Other programs wil most likely offer this function.

On a Unix-System you can use "uuencode", which is part of the system. The usage is:

     uuencode [source-file] file-lable 
source-file should be the name of the gif to encode, file-lable the name the picture should have after decoded.

E.g. to encode a picture '1_1.gif' under the same name in a file 'picture.uu':

     uuencode 1_1.gif 1_1.gif > picture.uu
After you encoded the picture you are able to include the ASCII-file 'picture.uu' in your mail.

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