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First HypArt painting:

June 21. - August 4. 1994

I'm proud to present the first completed image. It was created by participants from France, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Germany.
Below you find a small version of the picture. You may click onto the links "Bigger version" or "Full version" to get a bigger version in GIF/JPEG-format.

Bigger version (256x256, 27 KB) - Full version (640x660, 167 KB)

Artitsts: I. N. X. J. U. (1,1), Patrice Tarabbia (2,1), Ansgar Meroth (3,1), Dave Bouwman (1,2) Klaus Rosenfeld (2,2), James Smith (3,2), Louise Eris (1_3), Ranjit Bhatnagar (2,3), Jessica Norman (3,3) .

Second HypArt painting:

September 8. 1994 - February 12. 1995

I guess this image is a living proof for the infinte creativity of human beings. Take a look for yourself and you will agree.

Bigger version (256x256, 24 KB) - Full version (640x660, 122 KB)

Artitsts: Louise Eris (1,1), Tracy Skinner (2,1), Matiu Carr (3,1), Tom Coffin (1,2), Jason Herrick (2,2), Georg Muehleck (2,3), Mick F Cantarella (1,3), Andrew Giger (3,2), Kay Fricke (3,3)

Third HypArt painting:

February 28. - April 24. 1995

This is the first image with a theme ('The Internet'). As you see from the resulting picture, the World Wide Web plays a central role in the current developments of the Net.
Worth noticing is also one of the contributors of this project: Susan Pickens. She didn's send just one painting. After all I got to choose between six (!) different images. You can take a look at them on her homepage.
You may have noticed that the piece in the upper left corner looks somehow corrupted. In fact it was somehow partly 'changed' while it was emailed to me. As I asked the sender David Lonardo, to send it another time, he sayd:" I'd rather leave it as it is... it's as if the 'internet' created part of the art ". I guess he's right!

Bigger version (256x256, 24 KB) - Full version (640x660, 104 KB)

"The Internet"

Artitsts: David Lonardo (1,1), Chris Bird (2,1), Andrew Giger (3,1), Martin Mraz (1,2), Bob Briggs (2,2), Susan Pickens (3,2) & (1,3) Stephanie Cunningha m (2,3), Mike Nye (3,3)

Fourth HypArt painting:

May 6. - July 23. 1995

The (undeniable ingenious) idea for the theme of this project was the one of Björn. Thanks again!
It is also the first image with contributors (Floyd Kelly and Keith Garside) from CompuServe. So the opening of the Internet to the users of CompuServe can also be noticed in the HypArt-Project.

Bigger version (256x256, 24 KB) - Full version (640x660, 105 KB)

"Life - The Universe and Everything..."

Artists: Wes Loper (1,1), Floyd Kelly (2,1), Keith Garside (3,1), Judy Cockeram (1,2), Andrew Giger (2,2), Mark Duck (3,2), Lenny Boudreau (1,3), Tracy Skinner (2,3), Ray Massie (3,3)

Fith HypArt painting:

August 27. - November 27. 1995

Bigger version (256x256, 35 KB) - Full version (640x660, 195 KB)


Artitsts: Julie Braaten (1,1), Mohammed al-Riffai (2,1), Russell Raymer (3,1), Peter Berlich (1,2), R. Puck (2,2), Ulrich Kuehn (3,2), Gabrielle Hoad (1,3), Peter johnston (2,3), Tracy Skinner (3,3)

Sixth HypArt painting:

December 16. - January 10. 1996

Bigger version (256x256, 32 KB) - Full version (640x660, 171 KB)


Artists: Joff (1,1), Brad Amos (2,1), Rolf van Gelder(3,1), Britta Jaehmlich (1,2), William Paulauskas (2,2), Tracy Skinner (1,3), Anders Dahl (3,2), Klaus-Dieter Michel (2,3), Rolf van Gelder (3,3)

Seventh HypArt painting:

January 10. - April 11. 1996

Bigger version (256x256, 24 KB) - Full version (640x660, 138 KB)


Artists: Blake Phillips (1,1), Viktor Metyko (2,1), Steve Briscoe (3,1), Tracy Skinner (1,2), William Paulauskas (2,2), Peter Berlich (3,2), Michael Falkenstein (1,3), Stephan Petersen (2,3), Rolf van Gelder(3,3)

Eigth HypArt painting:

April 13. - May 24. 1996

Bigger version (256x256, 28 KB) - Full version (640x660, 90 KB)


Artists: Yvan Lessard (1,1), Simone Stridde (2,1), Magnus Sandberg (3,1), Martin Eschoyez (1,2), Simone Stridde (2,2), Tracy Skinner (3,2), Martin Eschoyez (1,3), Rolf van Gelder (2,3), Floyd Kelly (3,3)

Nineth HypArt painting:

June 12. - June 28. 1996

What a piece of HypArt! I was amazed by the result of the 9th HypArt project (which you can see on this page). Take a look by yourself and I guess you will agree that the image and its elemts are breathtaking. It is also remarkable that this project was completed within 16 days! The fastest project so far.

Bigger version (256x256, 30 KB) - Full version (640x660, 106 KB)


Artists: Klaus-Dieter Schoenfeldt (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Carlos Pedroza (3,1), Paul Robinson (1,2), Martin Eschoyez (2,2), Paul Robinson (3,2), Klaus-Dieter Schoenfeldt (1,3), Viktor Metyko (2,3), Martin Eschoyez (3,3)

Tenth (anniversary) HypArt painting:

July 10. - July 31. 1996

Number 10 - this means nine completed projects. Back in June 1994, when I initiated the project, I have not dared to dream of such a success. So two years later, people from all around the world - including Germany, England, Argentina, France, Netherlands, Egypt, USA and Canada - have taken part in the project. Once again: Thanks to all contributors, who have helped to make this thing happen.

Ten completed projects and two years of HypArt - that was surely a reason to celebrate. So for this project the image was divided into 12 squares (usually nine) to give more people a chance to participate within the 10th HypArt.

I think the anniversary HypArt turned out very well. I was (once again) impressed by the outstanding quality of the individual pieces and the smooth transitions from one image to the other.

Bigger version (256x256, 38 KB) - Full version (640x860, 125 KB)


Paul Robinson (1,1), Russell Raymer (2,1), Jani Hämäläinen (3,1), Klaus Rosenfeld (1,2), Klaus-Dieter Schoenfeldt (2,2), Hugo Santos (3,2), Gerrit Oomens (1,3), Russell Raymer (2,3), Richard Tolenaar (3,3), Martin Eschoyez (1,4), Blake Phillips (2,4), Rolf van Gelder (3,4)

Eleventh HypArt painting:

August 20. - October 8. 1996

Nine artists made their choices and created their view of "choices" in their life. A big Hello to all "HypArtists" who participated in HypArt for another time.

Bigger version (256x256, 35 KB) - Full version (640x660, 111 KB)


Tracy Skinner (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Volker Kurz (3,1), Tyler Bertram (1,2), Lars Bunge (2,2); Robert Hodyss (3,2), Gerrit Oomens (1,3), Jussi Heikkola (2,3), Sami Kalanen (3,3)

Twelth HypArt painting:

October 19. - November 2. 1996

In any sense the theme of the current (12th) project is a "hot" topic in a lot of ongoing discussions about the Internet. Nine artists had a chance to isualize what's behind all that fuss.

Bigger version (256x256, 30 KB) - Full version (640x660, 114 KB)

"Sex in the Internet"

Gerrit Oomens (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Shane Holland (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Gerrit Oomens (2,2), Clint Holland (3,2), Claudio Parrini (1,3), Jas W Felter (2,3), Frank Fenn (3,3)

Thirteenth HypArt painting:

November 18. - December 17. 1996

This time we went monochrome again: "RED" is the theme of the 13th project. Have a look and see what people associate with such a passionate color.

Bigger version (256x256, 30 KB) - Full version (640x660, 97 KB)


Artists: Evan Tuer (1,1), Frank Fenn (2,1), Hugo Santos (3,1), Erik Sontum (1,2), Tatjana Brasch (2,2), Tracy Skinner (3,2), Volker Kurz (1,3), Rolf van Gelder (2,3), Laura Cooper (3,3)

Fourteenth HypArt painting:

January 7. - 19. 1997

What a piece of HypArt! Take your time and take a look at the results of project # 14 on this page. "Time" was the theme and what an expressive visualization was produced.
One "new" countries took part in this HypArt. Cristina Nery from Brasil participated in the 14th Project.

Bigger version (256x256, 31 KB) - Full version (640x660, 123 KB)


Artists: Monica Quezada (1,1), Hugo Santos (2,1), Laura Cooper (3,1), Frank Fenn (1,2), Rolf van Gelder (2,2), Cristina Nery (3,2), David Walters (1,3), Brian Brenner (2,3), Felipe Cunha (3,3)

Fifteenth HypArt painting:

February 26. - May 4. 1997

With this project I tried to add a new dimension to HypArt's concept: "Motion" was the theme of the 15th project (suggested by James D. Prentice). And this means contributions may not just be steady images like in the past projects. I encouraged to use the "Anim-GIF" format which is used to create dynamic and animated images.

Even though the project was pretty exciting, it took *very* long before it was finally completed. I guess that is a result of the huge (animated) files that took very long to download. So, I will get back to the "steady" version of HypArt to let the project carry on much faster and therefor give more people a chance to contribute.
But anyhow: Enjoy the first animated HypArt project - but as I have mentioned before: it takes long to display. So I also encluded some steady versions in differnt sizes.

Bigger steady version (256x256, 16 KB) - Full size steady version (640x660, 87 KB)

Full size animated version (600x600, 0.93 MB)


Artists: Hugo Santos (1,1), David Rondeau (2,1), Frank Fenn (3,1) Rolf van Gelder (1,2), James D. Prentice (2,2), Larry Parkes (3,2), KaDe Schönfeldt (1,3), Jim Kuemmerle (2,3), Brian K. Brenner (3,3)

Sixteenth HypArt painting:

May 13. - July 27. 1997

Bigger version (256x256, 25 KB) -Full version (640x660, 100 KB)

The Year 2000"
The prelude to a new millennium

Artists: Paul Robinson (1,1), Hugo Santos (2,1), Julia Golombek (3,1), Andy Robinson (1,2), Andrew Lacroix (2,2), Blake Phillips (3,2), Rolf van Gelder (1,3), Dennis Valera (2,3), Frank Fenn (3,3)

Seventeenth HypArt painting:

August 7. - September 15. 1997

Bigger version (256x256, 14 KB) -Full version (640x660, 58 KB)

"A midsummer night's dream"
The theme for this project was inspired by Julia.

Artists: Jim Kuemmerle (1,1), Cristina Nery (2,1), Mary Dettloff (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Yvan Lessard (2,2), Mary Dettloff (3,2), Mary Dettloff (1,3) Rolf van Gelder (2,3), Julia Golombek (3,3)

Eightteenth HypArt painting:

September 26. - October 24. 1997

The 18th project was put on its way in autum 1997. The artists of this projects may have got their inspiration on a nice long walk in the woods while watching the nature's own firework. "Indian Summer" was the theme of the 18th HypArt project. In my opion one of the best HypArt projects so far!

Bigger version (256x256, 23 KB) -Full version (640x660, 87 KB)

"Indian Summer"

Artists: Jonas Persson (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Jim Kuemmerle (3,1), Mary Dettloff (1,2), Jennifer Linton (2,2), Andrew Myerson (3,2), Paul Robinson (1,3), Julia Golombek (2,3), Mary Dettloff (3,3)

Nineteenth HypArt painting:

October 29. - December 16. 1997

You think winter is a monochromatic season? This does not count for HypArt! Take a look and see what has been created by nine people from all around the world. "Technicolour" was the theme of the 19th HypArt project! The theme was inspired by Paul Robinson.

Bigger version (256x256, 23 KB) -Full version (640x660, 99 KB)


Artists: Hugo Santos (1,1), Julia Golombek (2,1), Rolf van Gelder (3,1), Jeremy Bass & Gill Davies (1,2), Paul Robinson (2,2), Iain Burt (3,2), Mary Dettloff (1,3), Frank Fenn (2,3), Sesto Avolio (3,3)

Twentyth HypArt painting:

15. January - February 18. 1998

The 20th project - this means 19 finished projects and also 4 years of HypArt (estbl. 1994). Thanks again to all contributors in the past who have made this project happen and to all the people who send e-mails that encouraged me in carrying on with HypArt!

This time we went really monochromatic! "White" was the theme of the 20th HypArt project. I was impressed again by the artists who filled the blank canvas...

Bigger version (256x256, 26 KB) -Full version (640x660, 79 KB)


Artists: Brian K. Brenner (1,1), Adrian Stanley (2,1), Jonas Persson (3,1), Johan Buurke (1,2), Hugo Santos (2,2), Rolf van Gelder (3,2), Mary Dettloff (1,3), Paul Robinson (2,3), Julia Golombek (3,3)

Twentyfirst HypArt painting:

1. March - May 27. 1998

The 21st project was a Newbee-Project! It meant the project was for people who have never taken part in HypArt before.

Why a 'Newbee-Project'? A lot of people told me they like the project but they'd never got a chance to participate. So this project was for them. To all 'every-time-contributors': Hope you did understand.

It took pretty long to finish the project but I am delighted to welcome nine brand new HypArt-ists in the team!

Bigger version (256x256, 23 KB) -Full version (640x660, 86 KB)


Artists: Richard Dallimore (1,1), Claire Read (2,1), Pamela Pescosolido (3,1), Patricia Macomber (1,2), Trond H. Klykken (2,2), Nathan Buttleman (3,2), Stefan Rosenfeld (1,3), Heather Morris (2,3), Kaspar von Gunten (3,3)

22nd HypArt painting:

Jun 1. - Jun 30. 1998

After the last 'newbee' project we were open again! 'In My Dreams' was the theme of the current project. It was suggested by Heather Morris.

Thanks to everyone who send suggestions for a theme to me! I received a lot of material for the future.

I really like the resulting image. Smooth transitions between images and very professional digital art.

Bigger version (256x256, 23 KB) -Full version (640x660, 86 KB)

"In my Dreams"

The theme of the current project was inspired by Heather Morris

Artitsts: Jim Kuemmerle (1,1), Heather Morris (2,1), Rolf van Gelder (3,1), Michael Levis (1,2), Paul Robinson (2,2), Jim Kuemmerle (3,2), Brian K. Brenner (1,3), Marco Pozzi (2,3), Hugo Santos (3,3) .

23rd HypArt painting:

Jul 12. - Aug 2. 1998

What do you do on a "Sunday Morning"? Sleep right through it? Read a good book? Surf the web? Eigth differnt artists shared their personal thoughts about this particular time of the week.

Bigger version (256x256, 30 KB) -Full version (640x660, 84 KB)

"Sunday Morning"

Artitsts: Johan Buurke (1,1), Andrea Parkhouse (2,1), Jim Kuemmerle (3,1), Brian K. brenner (1,2), Jim Kuemmerle (2,2), Nigel McLaughlin (3,2), Rolf van Gelder (1,3), Hugo Santos (2,3), Helen Jones (3,3)

24th HypArt painting:

23.8. - 16.10.98

Finally! Just now (9.11.99) I managed to complete this project. For almost a year I promised "to be released soon". The problem that caused this enormous delay was an error in the very last image of this project. The last 20 lines of the middle square were missing in the image-file. I must admit that during the time I forgot to fix this. Now I had some free minutes and I completed the image by myself. I think my influence was very minor so I did not change the overall result.

Bigger version (256x256, 29 KB) -Full version (640x660, 118 KB)

Carpe Diem

Artists: Heather Morris (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Brian Brenner (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Jim Kuemmerle (2,2) Laura J. Cooper (3,2), Sean McGough (1,3), Julia Golombek (2,3), Douglas O'Neill (3,3)

25th HypArt painting:


Twenty-five projects - a little anniversary! This time we did not have a theme, so it was totally up to the contributors what to create. I like the resulting image very much. Very smooth transitions between adjacent picture - HypArt as it's best!

We also welcomed a new "country" to the project. Ivana is from the Slovak Republic.

Bigger version (256x256, 32 KB) -Full version (640x660, 138 KB)

Artists: Douglas O'Neill (1,1), Ivana Jilekova (2,1), Laura Cooper (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Rolf van Gelder (2,2), Julia Golombek (3,2) Brian K. Brenner (1,3), Gerrit Oomens (2,3), Mary Dettloff (3,3)

26th HypArt painting:


This time we did something new. "Black & White" was the theme of this project. I asked to use only black and white pixels (2-Bit) to create the images. No colors, no grayscales just plain black and white. I was really curious about the outcome of this project and after it was finished if think it turned out really great. I am sure this will not be the last B&W project.

Please note: Carmin Karasis (piece 1,2) wrote two poems for this project: For her own piece and for the one from Rolf van Gelder.

Bigger version (256x256, 19 KB) -Full version (640x660, 46 KB)

"Black and White"

The theme of this project was inspired by Andreas

Artists: Brian K. Brenner (1,1), Matt Halstead (2,1), Rolf van Gelder (3,1), Carmin Karasic (1,2), Margaret Appleby (2,2), Ivana Jilekova (3,2), Dragan Husle (1,3) Douglas O'Neill (2,3), Robin White-Sieber (3,3)

27th HypArt painting:


"1999" - What do you expect from the brand new year? How do youl feel about the last year before the big three "0"? This was the question for the 27th project. See the answer of net below:

Bigger version (256x256, 40 KB) -Full version (640x660, 160 KB)


Artists: Ivana Jilekova (1,1), Leonardo Lithium (2,1), Douglas O'Neill (3,1), Rolf van Gelder (1,2), Slava Husle (2,2) Aja Krajcovicova (3,2), jerry666 (1,3), Dragan Husle (2,3), Hugo Santos (3,3)

28th HypArt painting:


Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when time stood still? Nine artists from all around the world answered this question with "Yes" and created the 28th HypArt project.

Bigger version (256x256, 37 KB) -Full version (640x660, 141 KB)

"When time stood still"

Artists: Rolf van Gelder (1,1), Coty Smith (2,1), Ivana Jilekova (3,1), Dragan Husle (1,2), Paul Robinson (2,2), Hugo Santos (3,2), jerry 666 (1,3), beth impossible (2,3), Michael Levis (3,3)

29th HypArt painting:


Summer seems to be very near these days. So let's see what comes to your mind when you think of "green".

Bigger version (256x256, 27 KB) -Full version (640x660, 112 KB)


Artists: Dragan Husle (1,1), Ivana Jilekova (2,1), Brian K. Brenner (3,1), Michael Levis (1,2), Floyd Kelly (2,2), Hugo Santos (3,2), Beth Impossible (1,3) Rolf van Gelder (2,3), Douglas O'Neill (3,3)

30th HypArt painting:


Number Thirty!
Again we were celebrating an anniversary. This project was the thirtieth HypArt image produced in the period of five(!) years. Back in 1994 I would have never imagined, that HypArt will still be running after five years. Again my thanks to all the contributors from the net who made this thing happen.

The theme of the 30th anniversary project was "HypArt". Now isn't this something? An HypArt image about "HypArt". I was curious to see if we would end up in an endless recursion.... :)

Bigger version (256x256, 30 KB) -Full version (640x660, 141 KB)


Artists: Dragan Husle (1,1), Gerrit Oomens (2,1), Floyd Kelly (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Douglas O'Neill (2,2), Beth Impossible (3,2), Rolf van Gelder (1,3), Ivana Jilekova (2,3), Michael Levis (3,3)

31st HypArt painting:


There was a total solar eclipse in Germany on the 11th of August 1999. So I chose "solar eclipse" as the theme for the 31st HypArt project.

I asked: Have you ever witnessed a solar eclipse? How do you think the world will look like during these dark minutes? Do you believe in the myths that surround the phenomena of the dark sun?

I like the result of this project very much. The piece blend smoothly into each other. HypArt as it's best! Notice also the sentence in the upper part. It travels from one piece to another. Cool, isn't it? :)

Bigger version (256x256, 33 KB) -Full version (640x660, 107 KB)

"total eclipse"

Artists: Amy Rampagin (1,1), Hugo Santos (2,1), Ivana Jilekova (3,1), Floyd Kelly (1,2), Rolf van Gelder (2,2), Douglas O'Neill (3,2), Michael Levis (1,3), Dragan Husle (2,3), Beth Impossible

32nd HypArt painting:


I want to believe!
Is there anybody out there? Are we alone in this universe? Do you believe in creatures from outer space that landed in UFOs? "Aliens" was the theme for this HypArt project number 32 (Thanks again Floyd, for the suggestion of this theme!).

Bigger version (256x256, 33 KB) -Full version (640x660, 127 KB)


Artists: Hugo Santos (1,1), Mikki Harper (2,1), Ken Hagmann (3,1), Michael Swaine (1,2), Ivana Jilekova (2,2), Amy Rampagin (3,2), Floyd Kelly (1,3), Beth Impossible (2,3), Deon Allen (3,3)

33rd HypArt painting:


Happy birthday!
The Internet is celebrating it's 30th anniversary in these days. So I chose "30 years of the Internet" as the theme for the 33rd HypArt project. I asked: "How long have you been using the 'net'? Can you imagine a life without it anymore? How do you think the Internet will look like after another 30 years?" See how nine Internet users visualized their thoughts.

Bigger version (256x256, 41 KB) -Full version (640x660, 156 KB)

"30 years of the Internet"

Artists: Beth Impossible (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Ivana Jilekova (3,1), Carmin Karasic (1,2), ulfat tsan (2,2), Douglas O'Neill (3,2), Deon Allen (1,3), Floyd Kelly (2,3), Hugo Santos (3,3)

34th, 35th and 36th HypArt projects:


HypArt goes 3D -The endless cubes I-III

For this three projects I tried something new. We only have six squares. Each of it represents one side of a six-sided (regular) cube. This means that every image will have four adjacent neighbours.

Since we only have two dimensions on this web-page I arranged the curent project like a glue-together-paper-kit. So the artists had to keep in mind that they have more direct neighbour pieces than there are visible on the page.

I was thrilled by the outcome of these projects. I still find it fascinating to hold something real in my hands that was created in a virtual space. I also got a lot of positive and encouraging responses from visitors and participating users. So I am sure that we will going to have 3D-projects again in the future.

The finished project are available as a PDF-file that can be printed, cut out and glued together as cube:

Project 34 - Click to download PDF
Project #34:
"The endless cube I"
Project 35 - Click to download PDF
Project #35:
"The endless cube II"
Project 36 - Click to download PDF
Project #36:
"The endless cube III"

You will need the free "Acrobat Reader" to view and print this file.

37th HypArt painting:


Again it took me longer then I expected (and promised) to start the 37th project. But finally we were "one the road" again. This project back again a normal and flat "2D" project. The theme was "@work", which was mostly inspired by the fact that a) I was very busy at work during this time and b) the name of the company I work for is n@work :).

Bigger version (256x256, 29 KB) -Full version (640x660, 122 KB)


Artists: Floyd Kelly (1,1), Douglas O'Neill (2,1), Hugo Santos (3,1), Ramin Soltanzadeh (1,2), Wayne MacPhail (2,2), Gerrit Oomens (3,2), Dragan Husle (1,3), Rolf van Gelder (2,3), Ivana Jilekova (3,3)

38th HypArt painting:


Are you still getting information out of analogical stored data? "Books" is the theme for the 38th project. I asked the artists: "What is you favourite novel or author? Have you ever read a whole book in one night?" Again nine artists from all around the world took part in HypArt and visualized what kind of role books do play in their lifes.

Bigger version (256x256, 29 KB) -Full version (640x660, 97 KB)


Artists: Floyd Kelly (1,1), Ramin Soltanzadeh (2,1), Gerrit Oomens (3,1), Floyd Kelly (1,2), Andrea Parkhouse (2,2), Hugo Santos (3,2), Ivana Jilekova (2,3), Brian Brenner (1,3), Paul Robinson (3,3)

39th HypArt painting:


I'm now back from my two week vacation and finally the 39th HypArt project has been started. Hopefully it won't take us as long as the last project to finish this one :)

I just watched one of my all-time favourite movies "North by Northwest" directed by Alfred Hitchock. So the theme for the 39th project is "Suspense", which also perfectly fits into the current Halloween season.

So what makes you hold your breath or let freeze your blood. Rent a piece!

Again I was impressed by the image that was produced by nine artists.

Bigger version (256x256, 35 KB) -Full version (640x660, 111 KB)


Artists: Floyd Kelly (1,1), Carmin Karasic (2,1), Ivana Jilekova (3,1), Hugo Santos (1,2), Dragan Husle (2,2), Gérard Oomens (3,2), Douglas O'Neill (1,3), Julia Golombek (2,3), Rolf van Gelder (3,3)

40th HypArt painting:


Have you ever thought about how small and random events can have big impact on the process of events? "A flap of a butterfly wing" was the theme for the 40th HypArt project. How would you visualize this concept I asked myself after I've chosen the theme. A very organic with beautiful shades of green and a contrasting upper left corner was the result.

Bigger version (256x256, 33 KB) -Full version (640x660, 197 KB)

"A flap of a butterfly wing"

Artists: Dragodin Husle (1,1), Ray Massie (2,1) Gérard Oomens (3,1), Ivana Jilekova (1,2), Douglas O'Neill (2,2), Rolf van Gelder (3,2), Brian Brenner (1,3), Floyd Kelly (2,3), Andrea Parkhouse (3,3)

41st HypArt painting:


"Information overload" was the theme for the current project. The project has been kind of stuck during the process of creation. The reason were submitted images that did not blend into their direct neighbours. I hoped not to seem too picky about this issue but it this the only technical rule the content of submitted images have to comply with. I think that resulting image kind of proofs that it was the right thing to do. You can actually feel the tense and hectic atmosphere that the "information overload" is causing .

Bigger version (256x256, 36 KB) -Full version (640x660, 189 KB)

"Information overload"

Artists: Ivana Jilekova (1,1), Fidi Kopel (2,1), Douglas O'Neill (3,1), John Murrell (1,2), NataLukas (2,2), Gérard Oomens (3,2), Brian Brenner (1,3) Floyd Kelly (2,3), Andrea Parkhouse (3,3)

42nd HypArt painting:


Like thousands of other fans of Douglas Adams the news of his death on Firday, 11 May 2001 was a bit of a shock to me. I visited his homepage and was impressed by the flood of messages of people from all over the world expressing their tribute and sympathy.

This was the time when I decided to dedicated the 42nd HypArt project to Douglas Adams as my tiny tribute to his work that brought so much fun and inspiration to our lifes. As you can tell by the resulting image - there are so many others out there who think the same,

If you think that it is only a coincidence that this is the 42nd HypArt project you must know that it is only highly improbable.

During the creation of this project HypArt had it's 7th anniversary on the 22nd of June 2001. If you're curious: Here is the very first posting that I send to a newsgroup that announced new websites within the Internet (Yes, there was a time when there was a single newsgroup for this topic :).

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"Douglas Adams"

Artists: Kerstin Dröge (1,1), Beth Impossible (2,1), Rolf van Gelder (3,1), Kevin Edge (1,2), Dragan Husle (2,2), Andrea Parkhouse (3,2), Ivana Jilekova (1,3), Douglas O'Neill (2,3), Maya Kalogera (3,3)

43rd HypArt painting:


HypArt took a pause after the tragic events on the 11th of September 2001 as a triubute to all those who been affected by this terrible tragedy.

On 29th of September the project continued. I chose to postpone the theme "luck" that was original selected for the 43rd project. I decided to run this project without any specific given theme. So it was totally up to the contributors to express themselves in any ways they like to.

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Artists: Adolfo San Rafael (1,1), Gérard Oomens (2,1), Floyd Kelly (3,1), Douglas O'Neill (1,2), Natai Lukas (2,2), Johan Buurke (3,2), Ivana Jilekova (1,3), Carmin Karasic (2,3), Brian K. Brenner (3,3)

44th, 45th, 46th HypArt projects:

The endless cubes IV, V & VI

HypArt goes 3D again! The 44th and 45th project continued with the "The endless cubes" series (project 34-36). Again we only have six squares and each of it represents one side of a six-sided (regular) cube. This means that every image will have four adjacent neighbours. Because we still have only two dimensions on the web I arranged the project like a glue-together-paper-kit. So the artists had to keep in mind that they have more direct neighbour pieces than there are visible on the page.

The finished project are available as a PDF-file that can be printed, cut out and glued together as cube:

Project 44 - Click to download PDF
Project #44:
"The endless cube IV"

Ivana Jilekova (2,1), Eva Hochreutener (1,2), NataLukas (2,2),
Pamela L Brenner (3,2), Brian Brenner (2,3), Douglas O'Neil (2,4)

Project 45 - Click to download PDF
Project #45:
"The endless cube V"

Sharyne E Walker (2,1), Eva Hochreutener (1,2) Blue Screen (2,2), Douglas O'Neill (3,2), Andrea Parkhouse (2,3), Ivana Jilekova (2,4)

  Project 46 - Click to download PDF
Project #46:
"The endless cube VI"

Kevin Edge (2,1), Rolf van Gelder (1,2), Ivana Jilekova (2,2), Dragan Husle (3,2), Maya Kalogera (2,3), Douglas O'Neil (2,4)

The faces behind the project:
Project #46 was the first "picture-me" project

With project #46 we continued with the "The endless cubes" series. But there was something new: The #46 cube HypArt project was a "picture-me" project. This means that all contributors to 46th project were asked to take a picture of themselves and the glued together cube after the project has been finished. All pictures are available here. Thanks for all the great photos!

47th HypArt painting:

02.06.2002 -25.09.2002

With 47th project we're back to the traditional (flat) nine-square project. This one did not have a given theme. It took some time to finish the project but I think it was worth waiting for. I really like the outcome of this project. And: We welcome two new artists to the project: Dave Zuill (USA, New York) and Mike Casey (USA; Chicago).

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(no given theme)

Artists: Mare OToole (1,1), Douglas O'Neil (2,1), Dave Zuill (2,2), Gérard Oomens (3,1), NataLukas (1,2), Eva Hochreutener (3,2), Dragan Husle (1,3), Mike Casey (2,3), Ivana Jilekova (3,3)

48th HypArt painting:

29.09.2002 - 27.01.2003

When the 48th project started I was really curious about its outcome. The theme was "black" which continued the series of monoc hromatic HypArt themes (take a look in the gallery: blue, red, white, green). "What does "black" mean to you?", I asked the contributors, "Simply a color? The dark side beneath the surface? Quietness and silence? Let's see!".

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Artists: Nata Lukas (1,1), Rolf van Gelder (2,1), Ivana Jilekova (3,1), Douglas O'Neill (1,2), Beatriz Albuquerque (2,2), Blake Phillips (3,2), Dragodin Husle (1,3), GJ Oomens (2,3), Catherine Fleury-Payeur (3,3)

49th HypArt painting:

02.02.2003 - 11.10.2003

The theme for this project was "distance". I asked: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this word? Does it play a role at all any more in a world of world-wide real-time digital communication? Maybe a good friend of yours lives far away? Let's rent a piece of the 49th HypArt project and see what "distance" means to yourself!

The project took quite some time to be finished but good things sometimes take a while (what a lame excuse, I know). But anyhow: I like the result of the 49th HypArt project very much! The last/center piece was created by Jannah Haque who is a student at The Art Institute of Boston. The image is the result of an assignment for their class called "The Web As An Art Form". Thanks again to their teacher Carmin Karasic for this great idea!

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Artists: Lu Santoro (1,1), Floyd Kelly (2,1), Andrea Parkhouse (3,1), Carmin Karasic (1,2), Jannah Haque / AIB webart class (2,2), Pamela Pescosolido (3,2), Rolf van Gelder (1,3), Douglas O'Neill (2,3) GJ.Oomens (3,3)

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