Contributor of part 1,2

Erik Sontum

Erik Sontum lives in :
Oslo, Norway
Eriks comment:

Here's my contribution for Hyp-Art project 13, square 1,2. It was made with Photoshop 3.05 and Graphic Converter on a Macintosh Performa 475. The idea behind the picture was to combine my associations with the word/colour "red" and what I felt from square 1,1 (which was already in place).

The colour red is closely associated with love and passion, while I feel the face in square 1,1 conveys a feeling of scepticism and rejection. As love is most often an overwhelming force, it can give you the feeling of being sucked into something powerful and scary - hence the vortex behind the stick-man.

The stick-man was made as simple as possible in order not to represent a single sex, while the two "floating faces" symbolizes two things: you need two people for love to take place and your identity also changes in a serious releationship. Therefore, the faces are evolving.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the way the picture overlaps square 1,1 and tried some different approaches to this, but to no great success. My contribution also originally had some text floating above the rest of picture, but I decided to drop it, to get a "cleaner" and less cluttered piece. Am I satisfied? Not particularly, but it willl have to do!

Looking forward to witnessing the final project!

Erik Sontum

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